Modi, the youth charmer!

Narendra Modi... Brilliant!

Narendra Modi… Brilliant!

The anti-Modi industry will anyway not be impressed. On Prime Time, Rajdeep Sardesai brought on that young girl from Kolkata whose question made Mamata Banerjee squirm and walk out of a CNN-IBN show. She pouted out some “liberal stuff” that outside of Gujarat Modi is not acceptable. On the same show, there was Aakar Patel, known for his visceral hatred of Modi that transcends journalistic ethics. Of course, the first question was naturally to the Sri Ram College of Commerce students’ chief, who gushed out full of praise for Modi like a young teeny bopper having got a chance to come up close to his/her favourite rock star.

But despite all that inane chatter on Prime Times, it was the chant of Modi, Modi all the way.

And without any iota of doubt, Modi probably got more widespread live coverage than anyone else and more on Prime Time in India’s history.

The hunger for Modi As PM has only grown.

Today, Wednesday, February 7, 2013, was a historic day, by any standard. Love him or hate him, the entire nation — and especially the youth — came to know what Modi really stood for.

National TV has fuelled more hunger for Modinomics; in the minds the aspiring youth is planted the idea that only Modi stands for development. And that only Modi can deliver.

What Modi told the youth basically that there was fire in them. Modi wants to use that fire to energise India.

Social media has been set on fire like never before.

One word kept popping up on different websites, some in all caps as if the emphasis was necessary: BRILLIANT!

Cynics were forced, at least for this time around, to think. Websites and authors normally hostile to Modi were swept off their feet!

On Firstpost it was Akshaya Mishra, writing about when Modi the visionary trumped Modi the politicians (read more here); on Frontpage India, Saye Sekhar, normally circumspect, found Modi’s speech “spell-binding”.

Said Saye: “No speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort was as arresting as the one delivered by Modi from  the dais of SRCC.” (read more here)

Again, on Firstpost, Sanjay Singh wrote about when Modi the politicians turned management guru! (read more here)

Each and every word Modi spoke was dissected threadbare.

It seemed that here was this enigmatic man who bared his heart out to show the nation what he really stood for: Not for politics. But for politics of development.

And like Mandrake the Magician, he hypnotised an entire nation!

The Modi juggernaut has just started rolling. Earlier it was only the sound of the race car revving up. It threatens to leave behind all those believing in the old India, where doling out freebies and doles — mostly crumbs — to the youth would like them grateful for ever to the party that ruled.

Modi reminded them that the real power lies in their hands. They had the power to change the destiny of India, not any dynastically-anointed crown prince.

The juggernaut will one day turn into a tsunami. And will will lay waste all in its path. Even from within his own BJP.

Postscript: An apologetic NDTV published a blog of a SRCC student. Just read the disclaimer. Even if at other times it may appear normal, this was just hilariously stupid! (read more here)


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