To the people of Egypt: Mubarak ho!

Though I do not agree that it is possible for us to follow the road led by Tunisians and Egyptians, we must make it clear that we reject the utter garbage in New Delhi aided by the morally bankrupt “national” media.

Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Manmohan Singh of India

Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Manmohan Singh of India

Our rulers in New Delhi are very conscious of their image. Especially Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, son Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Some years back I watched an “exclusive” interview of Sonia Gandhi by the now disgraced Barkha Dutt on NDTV. An acknowledged senior reporter, Barkha appeared disgustingly fawning and subservient to the Congress party’s leader akin to a cub reporter getting his/her first interview with a candidate for the local village panchayat.

There were no probing questions, only what suited the Madam. The intention of the interview — which Sonia Gandhi is otherwise loathe to grant other reporters — was to reinforce an image created by the media of a woman who had “sacrificed” the powerful post of the prime minster of India. The image was getting a bit jaded and something had to be done. Who better than the court reporter Barkha Dutt?

The national media, and please don’t tell me there are many exceptions, has created a halo around the first family and the second family so much so that even serious allegations of corruption by a veteran like S. Gurumurthy are conveniently ignored or brushed under the carpet.

I am fed up with the praise being lavished on Manmohan Singh: “honest”, “economist”, etc. What I believed from the day he became the prime minister — and I had a firm belief in it — people have only now started to believe in: He is a patently dishonest person who does even blink while lying.

His behaviour towards all — excepting Madam Sonia, Rahul — has been disgusting. Remember, when some opposition politicians led by L.K. Advani submitted a memorandum once, Manmohan Singh just dismissingly threw it away.

This “economist” has brought nothing but ruin to millions of Indian families. He has presided over the total collapse of the secure Indian joint family system due to his disastrous economic policies which has favoured only the rich to get richer.

And he has lorded over an almost venal and blatantly corrupt group of persons of his cabinet.

Any other man of “impeccable integrity” — the Congress party’s spokesman’s words — would not have been in that party in the first place; he would not have stuck to the chair, and not as if with a generous dose of Fevicol as an arrogant Manmohan Singh does.

But by now the “aam (and not so aam) admi” has become a wee bit wiser, but has not thoroughly come out of the media induced stupor of the infalliblility of the top trio. But the flood of posts in an online news portal showed how bitter Indians have become. had asked its readers to send in suggetions as to how Singh can save UPA-II. The most charitable comment, “he must resign immediately”, was echoed by a majority of the readers. Indeed, people feel that only Singh’s resignation can save the UPA!

“Actually, Indians need to be saved from Dr Singh’s government,” said one reader, who added: “It is high time the people of India come out of their homes and on to the streets to force this corrupt and inefficient government out. It is high time the Nehru-Gandhi family is shown the door.”

Reading comment after comment convinced me that Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan have lost all, if at all any was left, semblance of respectability among the people of India.

But what option do we have? In Tunisia and Egypt — as in many other West Asian and Middle Eastern countries — either there is no democracy or a fake one. In India we have the option of raising our finger and putting it to good use (it is another question that we will raise some other day as to how good our democracy is!).

We have but to wait till the next election time and resoundingly throw the Delhi Devils out, lock, stock and barrel.

Meanwhile, we have no other option but to continuously raise our voices — and in a high pitch, if necessary — to expose the crooks who fancy themselves as our lords and rulers.

Keeping quiet is like encouraging the loot and rape of our country.

We must make it clear that we reject the utter garbage in New Delhi aided by the morally bankrupt “national” media. (My apologies for not elaborating on the dubiour role of the media, but definitely in a later post).

Meanwhile, to the people of Egypt, I say: “Mubarak Ho!”

Though our situation is very different from theirs, I still admire their tenacity and grit and resilience in the face of the Egyptian dictator’s ruthless but failed ways to suppress their movement. I hope and wish all the best for them, mainly peace and security; and with a sincere advice that they should mind their own business and not get involved in the affairs of other countries, which most Arab leaders in the region do to hide their own inefficiencies. This has resulted in their own countries getting deeper into the rut and which they cannot salvage.

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